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Meme Day 3: Work and Eating

Since there are no phone calls as of yet, I'll be typing up my post and doing my school work. No phone calls. Nothing. I just had my lunch and I'm just sitting here until the phone rings.

Oh and Happy St. Patty's day! :)

So, since I had free time, there is nothing to do but read and read. Mhmm. So here is day 3 meme!

Day 01: 10 things about you
Day 02: 10 things you love

Day 03: 10 things you hate
Day 04: 10 things you want to say to one person
Day 05: 10 wishes
Day 06: 10 items you can't live without
Day 07: 10 important people
Day 08: 10 of your favorite songs
Day 09: 10 ways to win your heart
Day 10: Final 10 words.

01. Hates horror and violence. I don't mind reading horror books. Movies and video games with intense blood scenes or basic horror scenes on the other hand don't sit well with me. I always end up having nightmares about it. At least when I read a horror book, I can lower down the horror content. :) Violence is a given, I believe. There are some out there that beat, shoot, kill, and what not. I only wish that they will see someone to help them to get out of that thinking process of hurting others.

02. Hates how some people think. I don't mean this in a bad way. Its fine to give out your viewpoint and opinion. What I mean is that there are some people in the world who are so close-minded about some things and make mean, rude and stupid comments about something they don't know or something they don't adequately know. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion and viewpoint, but there are some that just don't respect your viewpoint.

03. Hates people who hurt others. Sometimes it is necessary to hurt that person's feelings, but at other times, you can avoid it. Its contradicting. It goes along with violence and horror. Feels do change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. It depends on the situation.

04. Hates greasy, oily, medicinal, and bitter food. Have you guys tried bitter melon before? I don't even know why its called a melon, when it isn't a melon. Anyway. Its super duper bitter and I have to force myself to eat it because apparently, my grandmother says its really healthy for you. Greasy and oily foods don't sit well with me. Once in a while, I will eat it in small portions, but if its in huge portions, I'll end up throwing up. ;A; Medicine. I rather take pills than the syrup.

05. Hates the sound of the salt being opened (the chalkboard sound). I cringed whenever I hear that. Its just a horrible sound. If I heard that, I would probably jump off the cliff or something. Its just a terrible sound. No thanks.

06. Hates being sick. I don't think anyone likes being sick at all. Since I get sick often, I try to avoid "sickly" people at school. You always feel so weak. I hate coughing and not being able to breathe because your nose is stuffy. So. I really don't want to get sick, but I am pretty sure that I will.

07. Hates driving. I hate driving. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but its IMPOSSIBLE. I hate putting gas in my car and what not. I kind of wish in the future (hopefully in my lifetime) that I am able to see a subway or a train system like the ones in Japan to take me to school and work. :)

08. Hates required speaking. What do I mean by required? Public speaking or you have to speak to get the grade. If I want to talk, I'll talk. If I don't, then I don't. It makes me so nervous and anxious. I always want to sink somewhere in a deep hole.

09. Hates motion sickness. I get motion sickness everywhere especially in planes and cars. I don't necessary throw up, but I get a massive headache in the end. I haven't been on boats yet, but I reckon that I will get sea sickness for sure.

10. Hates some species and organisms. What do I mean by this? Yes. I know. I am a biology major with an interest in the field of psychology. I do agree that we must conserve our species, but there are some that make me deathly afraid of them. Some of them include: sharks, eels, snakes, bugs, spiders, beetles, and some others that I am too lazy to name. I really would like to kill those species mentioned above. Please and thank you.

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