C L O V E R (idyllica) wrote,

Ectotherm, that's what I am.

I'm currently sipping my mocha frap and I'm freezing my butt over here. I feel like I'm an ectotherm. Really seriously. I feel like I'm absorbing cold and hot air every single time! Actually, work hasn't been that bad. The problem with work is that you deal with customers and phone calls. It isn't that bad, but sometimes they have this thick accent and AC is blowing away like a hurricane and you can't hear what they want or need. At least I make money. :D

I love the rain. It rained all yesterday. It was cold and rainy. It was lovely. It made me sleepy, but we didn't make much at work even though I wasn't there. I was at home, taking care of my cousins. sigh And it was really hard. My back hurts from washing dishes, bottles, doing laundry and what not. :)

Ugh. Woohoo. ♥ So much to do in so little time! So here's the next day for this meme!

Day 01: 10 things about you
Day 02: 10 things you love
Day 03: 10 things you hate
Day 04: 10 things you want to say to one person
Day 05: 10 wishes
Day 06: 10 items you can't live without
Day 07: 10 important people
Day 08: 10 of your favorite songs

Day 09: 10 ways to win your heart
Day 10: Final 10 words

01. Understanding.

02. Commitment.

03. Ambitions/Goals/Dreams.

04. Kindness.

05. Intelligence.

06. Stable job and income.

07. Great personality!

08. It will be nice if he had blue, green or hazel eyes.

09. Protective

10. Affectionate
Tags: cold, ectotherm, meme, rain, weather

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